Life Coaching with Horses... Same but different

So, I wanna be a life coach...I want it as in, I've been doing it for years and now have decided to call it what it is. Life Coaching with Horses.
A Horse, the Coach and the Client. What happens next is, well what happens in life.

Shit unfolds. 

Ever heard the saying how you do some things is how you do everything?
Well it's a personal favorite of mine. Probably because it rings SO true for me again and again.

 Horses have been an immeasurable blessing in learning this lesson, for me and countless others. Really, its a huge number, lotsa people.

You see, horses quite quickly, give you very clear information and a new appreciation for how you actually operate in the world.  What do I mean? Well, how it is you build relationships, or how you communicate (or think you communicate).
Often their very presence and power, put us firmly in our bodies, in a way many of us don't often experience anymore...

So there it is. My toilsome and beautiful days of ranching, training & breeding horses has given birth to numerous equine endeavours in my life. It has prepared the way.

My years of working as a counselor with high risk populations, non-profit organization and alternative education has landed me here.
 To this season.

Making Pain have a Purpose.  Allowing a profit to come from the pain. Claiming it actually.
Good Lord, it all makes much more sense now!! Why we're given what we're given.
What guides us, and how our medicine can heal not only us, but our world.

So here's to seeing things differently, Claiming what you already are, and calling it something different.

Welcome to Coaching from the Core ~ Horse Wisdom for Human Hearts


     Tracy Gray ~ Connection Coaching

 Connect ~ Integrate ~ Expand

Stay awhile. Be with the horses.
Allow yourself to land where your wholly at. 
Integrate the wisdom your senses bestow upon you.
Inspiration and enlightenment abound.

A visceral experience in awareness and energy, bridging horse wisdom with humans BE-ing. 

Horses are masters of reading energy and relaying information, they are sentient social relational beings who LIVE off energy.
Horses are keenly alert, intuitive, emotional   authentic animals, who maintain a state of constant awareness. 

Come, Explore the gap between our worlds, they have much to offer us....